Collection: mini original work

Due to its versatility and delicacy both when creating them and their subsequent placement, this series of works has me completely captivated.

It is a small-format series, made with inks and pencils on 300-gram St.Cuthberts watercolor paper, a high-end, coarse-grained paper that allows for saturated and delicate color ranges at the same time.

They are framed in a circular frame of beech wood, darkened and treated to obtain an aged appearance. The frames are made by hand, one by one, by my sister in her workshop in Berlin, and she sends them to Cádiz for later assembly in my studio.

They are 10 centimeters unframed and 20 centimeters framed, with a space between the work and the frame of approximately two centimeters of beige mat.

They are sent ready to hang and with their certificate of authenticity.