Pasión & Perseverancia

Los años de dedicación unidos a mi sed de aprendizaje, me han llevado a explorar nuevos estilos y experimentar con diferentes materiales y técnicas hasta encontrar el camino con el que verdaderamente me siento identificada .

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The style

In recent years I have been developing and polishing my style until it has become what it is today, and although it is constantly evolving, it could be said that the base and essence are solidly established: 

It is an organic style in which the abstract predominates, mostly inspired by nature, in the elements of the seabed, in fish, in corals, anemones and cells, in the shape and colors of the leaves of the trees and of the plants. 

It is also very inspired by flowers and astrology, in my drawings there are many stars and constellations. Sometimes they can have geometric touches, but they will be slight, because mostly the shapes and curved lines flow across the surface.

I like everything that moves on the surface, on wood or on paper, what seems to be but is not, what is subtle and saturated at the same time. I like greenish blues, turquoises, purples and oranges, and the mix of all of these together working in harmony.

The details of a good framing, the golden touches and the imperfect. The grain of the wood and the splashes of ink when you accidentally stain some paper, in a totally unexpected way.

Working I am chaotic, and yet I am fascinated by impeccable finishes.

I guess this is like life itself, a kind of search for balance through experience, exploration, enjoying and suffering a little of each, and above all, persistence mixed with trust and love for what is does.