Pasión & Perseverancia

Los años de dedicación unidos a mi sed de aprendizaje, me han llevado a explorar nuevos estilos y experimentar con diferentes materiales y técnicas hasta encontrar el camino con el que verdaderamente me siento identificada .

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About me


I am Mele de la Yglesia, I was born in the mid-eighties in Cádiz, in the South, very South of Spain, and I spent the first years of my life between the city, the beach and the countryside. From a family in which there is no shortage of artists, from a very young age she felt a great fixation for everything that had to do with the creative world.

At seventeen I decided to leave home and move to Madrid, a city where I stayed for five wonderful years, graduating in Fine Arts in 2010 from the Complutense University of Madrid .

During the 2008/09 academic year, I studied at the HAWK/Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaft und Kunst , in Hildesheim, a small town in the middle of Germany, where I specialized in graphic design and illustration, and where I dedicated my most of my time to delve into the use of digital tools and the creation processes in different formats.

After finishing university studies, I needed a change of scenery again and I settled in Berlin . During the first years I worked as a gallery manager at Arratia, Beer and DNA Gallery . In 2013 I completely changed course and started working in the graphic design department of Holi One World Ltd., a company dedicated to the organization of international events, where I stayed until the end of 2017.

Later, and in an effort to reconcile family and professional life, I began to focus exclusively on developing and evolving my visual style and my work through personal projects.

Since then, I have collaborated with brands such as Spoonflower or Waterdrop , I have exhibited my work in collective exhibitions both in Spain and in Germany, but above all, I have dedicated myself to exploring various disciplines; digital illustration and printing techniques , the creation of corporate image of companies, web page design , artistic production with traditional materials, the design of prints and patterns for fabrics and fabrics and finally, I am still learning and exploring the world of the tattoo.

Currently, and after ten years of life and experience abroad, I return to Cádiz with a broader vision and a need to draw and share what I have learned along the way through drawing and artistic production.